Whoa, this one kicks into high gear right from the opening chords! Here and in Europe, he's been noted as a "touring powerhouse" and "compelling performer". No argument from me on that. Collected, though, contains a good deal more than hi-energy country folk rock, as Randy knows his way around a ballad as well. There's a bit of John Fogerty to Thompson. He has the same power, guts, straightforwardness, and roots-rock composing head while easing back on Fogerty's unique intensity. There's also some Jesse Colin Young in the folkier aspects, but with a much heavier backroads twang as well as a throatier and firmer singing voice, with the son-of-the-sod factor more a Hoyt Axton or John Prine. FAME-Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange-Mark S. Tucker” - Mark S. Tucker

FAME-Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

***½ (out of 4 stars) “every once in awhile an album comes along that more clearly defines the genre (Americana) by its very expert example. Such an album is singer/songwriter Randy Thompson’s Collected. It is a finely-etched cross pollination of the sounds that express the rural experience; the love, the pain, the hope, the fear and the sheer survivability of it all. It is a CD that those with expansive musical tastes will love. This is roadhouse music at its best…will make you want to roll down the windows and crank up the CD player on your next road trip. The songs are full of authenticity and inspiration, with superb guitar work clearing the path for Thompson’s cool, confident vocals. Parcbench-Greg Victor” - Greg Victor


“This album is 100% perfect !””


“ This is robust roots rock, delivered with heart and muscle. Thompson has distinctive and compelling voice that is tinged with experience and regret. Behind that voice these songs are delivered with a conviction and forcefullness… the sound is one that cuts through and stays in the mind…. it is well-performed music that sits left of the mainstream. Americana delivered with a rockin' punch that still has it's place today.””

— Lonesome Highway-Scotland

This guy gets it. From the ominous opening guitar licks straight through the baritone vocals unleashing more sawdust and black powder than you’ve heard in a long damned time. He’s a damned good musician. This is one of the best kinds of Southern records. Anyone who’s been around Dixie for any extended period is well aware of what a quiet and steadfast resoluteness is all about. That spirit infuses this record from start to finish, lowest moments to high water marks of defiance. From a pure listening perspective, this album is as good as any you’ve heard in a long, long time. Here are fantastic melodies and harmonies that’ll melt your soul. The sort of perfectly mixed studio work which, rather than make all the parts a single glossy whole, instead highlights each magnificent audio track while somehow bringing all the components together. This one gets it right, top to bottom. Sounds as good in the truck chewing up highway as it does out on the back porch in the middle of the night with a cigar during a long conversation with Orion. He’s an absolute joy to listen to, even when his lyrics are challenging and incisive. Thompson will set you back on your heels, but he’s also got a hand out to help you up when you’ve blown straight past the heels and landed on your ass. Music for people who want to live life, and refuse to let life live them. That’s what this is. An understated anthem for the best inside us, even when the world’s trials are getting the best of us.” - Dave Pilot

Outlaw Magazine

4 1/2 out of 5. “All I can say is that real authentic country-rock is alive and well and lives on in this guy’s music. If there is one thing Randy Thompson and his superb band can do is rock the house down. There are some fine originals here….This is a cracking album.”” - Simon Aston

— Country Musis People Magazine

Randy Thompson- Further On Press Quotes 2008 If anything better comes along this year, I'll be surprised" Music Maker Magazine(UK) “Once in a very long time comes along an album that has such strong cross generation appeal. On first listen I was absolutely sold. “Further On” is probably the most exciting and satisfying album to come my way in a long time.” The Advertiser (UK) “Thompson's rootsy vocals provide a solid anchor, and the material is first-rate.” The Associated Press “One of best albums I’ve heard this year. So is this a country? Heck, I don’t know. It could be. It could be Americana. Some of it could be folk music. Tell you what folks- you call it what you like: I’ll just say this is Randy Thompson music, and it’s superb!” Rodeo Attitude News “It is out of real life experiences that great songs are born and that’s exactly what you find on this latest offering from Randy Thompson. Sometimes it isn’t the mainstream where you are gonna find some of the best talent and “Further On” is living proof of this. A must listen artist.” Gone Country Magazine “10 out of 10. The truest form of Americana music. A masterpiece of well-written, well sung music” Eclectic Cuts Magazine (Jane Powell) I’ve laughed, cried, cheered sang along and rekindled memories to this fine album that, for me, is the very essence of what country music is all about. Allowing the human emotions out to be shared or kept private as is your wish. Through Randy Thompson and Further On country music has done it again. Brian Ahern-Country Music UK “4 Stars” “This is full of emotion, classic Americana and just great, edgy music. Unpredictable and distinctive. Splitting the difference between literature and country/roots music. When it comes to Americana music, Randy Thompson is the real deal. He stands alongside the likes of Steve Earle, Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, ol’ Waylon and, Steve Young as being the very bedrock of raunchy, edgy country music.” Maverick Magazine-UK 4 Stars" "An excellent CD filled with stories of truth, life and love. An album that is real” International Country Music Database 4 Stars" "Priceless observations" Country Music Report “A chilling singer, a dynamic guitar player, and an exceptional songwriter.” Rootsville (Belgium) “One of the best so far this century. Definitely one that is going to live in my car.” Countrymusicfactsandnews.Com “Another great release…top notch…his songwriting is real and true to his roots, and his vocals are confident and inspired.” The Planet Weekly (Tuscaloosa,AL) “With this new album, Randy climbs to the top. Randy is a great singer, writer, musician. An album that must be listened to” FACM (French Assoc. Of Country Music) “There’s an intensity and directness in the music and vocals of Randy Thompson that’s appealing and endearing. This CD spotlights his impressive writing, singing, and playing attributes” The Nashville City Paper “These tracks are incredible! I have been listening to so many newer Alt-country /Americana acts, and there are quite a few that are "okay", but Boy, Randy’s got IT! I love it! I think Don't You See is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time!” WDVR-FM Torchy Blaine" Guitar Town" “One of the very best albums I have heard in a very very long time” Jane Powell WMTS Radio “The CD is in a place that is dear to my heart. I love it. I think it’s spectacular.” Steve Gillette “He’s still edgy. He’s still raw and exposed. He’s still honest. And…he’s further on. This album proves it. The CD digs a deep line, clearly defined, and forms a solid musical signpost…this is a top drawer effort. The writing on the album is incisive, clear and heart-worn. You can hear the passion. The music blisters with virtuosity; it’s the type of soiree forged in the backblocks of small-town rural living, brought to its musical fore when.” CountryStarsOnline.Com George Peden “This magnetic performer takes the listener on an exhilarating Americana journey.” Palo Alto Daily News Paul Freeman “Strong Americana appeal, solid songwriting, soulful vocals, and stellar backing. An impressive collection.” Country Standard Time- Robert Wooldridge “Further On combines the edginess of Steve Earle with the swagger of Waylon Jennings. Thompson understands that country music needs a little dirt in the mix to sound right. He continues to capture the essence of real country music. His rendition of “Rocksalt and Nails” makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Vintage Guitar Magazine-Stephen Stone- May ‘08 Further On takes place in that small crevice in between Americana dreams and rock & roll fantasies… fun to listen to, while still keeping an intensely serious vibe. …this is stellar. TOP 21 John Shelton Ivany “… grabs your attention…before you know it, you’re drawn in… he burst onto the scene in his own way, He’s immersed himself in his trade long enough to know just who he is, and what he has to give…. brings out that part of each of us that wants to take off down the road with a guitar over the shoulder.” PowerSource Magazine This new album is another strong contender… it is a very rewarding and righteous recording… it’s real and it’s well worth seeking out." Lonesome Highway Magazine- Ireland Songbird" is one of the best songs I've heard this year. Really like the entire cd.” Bruce Price-KNON 89.3 Dallas “5 Stars. An excellent disc.” PlanetCountry-Italy “Lots of requests…Randy has the perfect roots country sound for us.” Chance Austin-WXLV “Bridges the gap between Roots Music, Americana, Country music. Sound is great… intelligent lyrics.” Blue Suede News “4 Stars. An album that is real…a sound that defies genre. Stories about life and love with the vision of someone who has seen all aspects of life from beautiful to ugly.” Digital Muse Magazine “A stunning album, one of the best releases of the year. A wonderful artist, both as a singer and songwriter, a man who knows his roots very well and knows how to give them a modern an appealing musical format.” Massimo Ferro- Radio Voce Spazio- Italy “We have waited for 4 years but its well worth it. This album is a jewel, 10 wonderful songs coming from different inspirations. With this album, RT reaches another level of his career.” Dream West Magazine-France- Helene Dagorn “4 Stars. Discovering Randy Thompson is like hitting the mother lode. If this is new to you, you better put all expectations aside. He’ll exceed them. If you could put a sound to sincerity, this would be it. Loose yourself in lyrics that tell all our stories. It doesn’t get better than this. C.J. Brown – Amazon.Com “..a gutsy style of his own, unafraid to take you back to the bases while standing firmly in the present…songs of profound intensity.” Up Country Magazine-UK Randy Thompson has one of those timeless American lived-in voices that was probably hewn from a butte in Monument Valley. He makes timeless American music too. As much a hard core troubadour as the likes of Steve Earle and Joe Ely. Americana UK-Jeremy Searle”
Top 10 Album Of 2012 Randy Thompson, Collected – If not my personal favorite record this year (and that’s a big if), certainly the one that I’ve gone back to most consistently. While it has the distinct advantage of being one of the earliest to come through my mail slot in 2012, there were a host of others that came in early and haven’t gotten near the airplay this one does. Crunchy, emphatic guitars wrapped around as compelling a vocal as I can recall. Masterfully written songs, masterfully delivered. Collected is a pro’s record, but it’s also one of those albums that gets you down deep on a visceral level and latches on to stay. Thompson’s take on Utah Phillips’ “Rock Salt and Nails” leaves an indelible mark, but the originals here are even more powerful. The rare record that works every bit as well at sunrise as it does as sunset, albeit for different reasons. Here there be art, boys and girls. Genuinely great art.” - Dave Pilot

Outlaw Magazine

Randy Thompson liess keine Zweifel daran offen, wer er in dieser Szene ist - ein Sänger und Komponist, der sich zwar der althergebrachten Stilrichtungen Roots, Country, Bluegrass und Americana bedient, aber sie eigenständig weiterentwickelt und auch überraschende neue Facetten vorstellt. ….Was Randy als Komponist und Sänger dem Publikum darbietet, ergänzt (sein Sohn) Colin auf seinen Instrumenten geradezu perfekt. Schaffhauser Nachrichten 11. März 2013”

— Schaffhauser Nachrichten